#252 #48in48 #ComfortZone

This morning (in a few minutes) I will embark on a new adventure – a Creative Writing Course/Short Stories offered by Wesleyan University through Coursera.  It will take a couple of months to complete, a certificate of some sort will be offered at the end.  I am setting aside Saturday mornings from 7AM to Noon(ish) to work on my assignments, read, listen to the taped lectures and to do my peer reviews.

I have always thrown by blogs out into the world without fear of disapproval.  Now, I will be writing and having people (peers) critique my work.  I am going from nonchalant writing without a care of what people think (because I am my own person dammit) to worried about how people perceive me.  I will be fine, I know.  It is just not in my comfortzone to give a poop about what people think of my own thoughts.  It will be fun, scary and challenging.  And I am ready for it.

If this goes well, I plan on taking:

Creative Writing/Essays


Photography Basics


(Some offered by schools other than Wesleyan).  But I am looking at a full year of education that (fingers crossed) ends up with my ability to write a good article and include pictures that I can hock to newspapers as freelance work.  It is my dream.  I have had it since I was a young child.

So yeah – butterflies.  Let’s do this!


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