#Dreams 2017-01-03

Have you ever had just a never-ending bat shit dream?  I did last night. The cast was: a friend of mine from work, a friend from NYC, a couple and a coworker traveling to Germany. We stayed in shacks along the way.  It was just one big room.  My coworker decided to take a walk and ended up at a lake.  There he found what he said was an alligator. I told him it was actually a crocodile you could tell because of the shape of its nose.  And there were large sea turtles coming ashore, couldn’t see their bodies, just their heads out of the water. We had one of those typical cars that you see in the old movies.  When we left the first shack we traveled a road with a steep incline and a lot of twists and turns. The colors were vivid.  I don’t think I have ever had such vivid colors in a dream.  And then I actually woke briefly to look at the clock (I had been feeling a little puny while writing last night, laid down on the couch in my library and slept there till now).  The clock read one (and change, though I cannot recall how much change).  And as I was drifting off, my “in my head” voice told me I was in Africa. And there was the crew (exception was that my daughter was exchanged for my coworker).  She and the couple were in the backseat.  Mander decided she wanted to sleep and the couple were forced into a corner as Mander stretched out to her full height.  My friend from NYC was driving.  Next thing I know, I am standing with the female of the couple on a veranda.  We are looking out across what seems like a gladiator stadium (sans gladiators).  The stadium opens to the ocean.  There before us are giant (almost cartoon-like) giraffes.  I am trying to take a picture of it but realize I don’t have my modern day camera, I have one of those old flat square cameras from the 90s and the damned thing will not zoom in on these amazing creatures.  I look up and there are now pastel horses.  They are almost cartoon like but not animated-style.  All the animals get up (no riders) and race on a sand track in circles.  The arena is busy.  Below us a soldier in a foreign uniform tells us we have to go back in.  He cannot guard us while he eats lunch and it is mandatory for us to go inside.  I FINALLY get a good picture and I thank him for his patience.  As I turn to take in all that there is before walking back through the door…my stupid alarm clock rings.

I slept for around 10 hours (thanks to Husband for leaving me where I was sleeping solid).  I had SUCH an adventure.  And I feel better this morning than I have in weeks when waking up. I am almost energized (pre coffee)… Wow.


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