Write A Chapter #48in48 #169

Sarah walked along the road, the village was quiet and it was getting late. Most of the inhabitants of this small community were busy with their evening chores.  Had she made the right decision to just leave everything behind and come here?  She thought about it and smiled. Guess so.  She reached for the candy she had in her side pocket. Better enjoy it now, this small connection to home will not last too long. It was her final taste of home, Mom’s peanut butter fudge. She took a small bite and wrapped it back up, then returned it to the safety of her pocket. How long could she ration it?

She turned off on to the trail that led to the edge of the water. She plopped down on the river bank and listened to the rush of the water. It was soothing. She couldn’t stay long, she did not know the area, or it’s wildlife, well enough to feel completely safe.  She thought about Mom and how she had been brave as she handed her the candy and told her to enjoy the adventure and send plenty of postcards. Funny how you could miss the things you try to run away from.  A rustle in the nearby grass brought her out of her trance and she realized that it was almost dark and she needed to get back before she was caught off guard with no flashlight.

As Sarah stepped off the trail and back onto the village road she was suddenly struck with awe and purpose. The warm glow of the fire illuminated the closest huts and the children there were playing and their laughter sounded like clinking glass in the dying daylight. It was the right choice. She knew it in her heart.  Now it was time to get some sleep, tomorrow would be a long day.

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