Aunt Sam’s Beef Veggie Soup

2016-12-17 Just a note – this blog will be updated with video tomorrow (Sunday).

This is a “tweek as you go” kind of recipe.

Using a large stock pot, brown a large “roll of hamburger” from the Walmart.  For smaller parties, smaller rolls.  Throw in some minced garlic (I keep minced garlic in a jar in the fridge), one small yellow onion and a ton of the “Italian Spices” (ie rosemary, oregano, thyme – any/all/or the jar marked Italian spices which is a blend of all of them).  Once hamburger is browned and broken down into “crumbles”, then drain most (but not all of) the grease from the pan.  Add one large bottle of regular V8 Juice and one can of spaghetti sauce (I usually go with the kind that has garlic and onions).  I usually add garlic salt to the mix.  I know, I know – I have minced garlic, but we are some garlic lovers over here.

The veggies:

I dice red potatoes (we like a lot in our house so it is usually around 6-10 taters, depending on how many people are eating).  I leave the skins on (more nutrients are in the skin, you know).  For the other veggies, you can use either small bags of veggies from the frozen section or the ones in the cans.  If you use the cans, drain half the juice off and toss the rest in the soup with the veggies. I use carrots and green beans, sometimes corn, sometimes peas.  Whatever veggie you like, add it. This is why you use the largest pot you have, because sometimes you get carried away.  Which is ok, because soup tomorrow is better than the soup today!

Make some elbow macaroni and have it on the side. There are some noodle dislikers out there (shaaaammmmeeee).  Let it be optional.  Of course, if you like bow tie pasta better, use it.  Or rice – that could be good.

It is great when you have a bagette to cut up (you know, that hard crusty bread that you can always find on the day old rack?).  Cut it up and use it for dippers.  Unless the macaroni is enough, then don’t.

I hope you love it.  I will make some tomorrow (Sunday) and add video to this blog for the visual effect.

Love you guys!  Have fun!  Give NaNa a hug for me.  Is that how you spell NaNa or is it NaeNae???

Anywho – from one NaySayer to another: Merry Freaking Christmas!!  Air hugs all around….



One comment

  1. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the making and the eating of the soup. We used ground turkey because their Dad doesn’t eat red meat. We also used some spicy V-8 juice.
    Carrots were added late in the game because Asher prefers them to be crunchy.
    They were very proud of their accomplishment. I’m sure we will make this recipe again and again. What a fun memory 🙂

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