Today is my birthday and I have one question – why wait until a round number to celebrate in a big way?  If it ends in a five or a zero, we tend to make a big deal of it.  My thought, you’re only 48 once so I might as well live it up!

My birthday challenge to myself is #48in 48.  Below is a list of 48 very doable items.  I plan on doing those 48 things 48 times in my 48th year.  And yes, before you even ask, I have a tracking sheet to hold myself accountable.  AND there are a lot of positive things on that list.  I am trying to put more happy into a dark world right now….

Also – no groaning.  I will not post all of them on Facebook. I will spread them out across FB, Instagram, Twitter and (mainly) my Blog.  I am picking up a journal to hard-chronicle my adventure.

My List:

1 Acts of Intentional Kindness
2 Books Read
3 Little known historical facts posted
4 New recipes
5 Grateful Moments
6 Blogs about my personal history
7 Positive Affirmations
8 Nature photos
9 Use Spanish phrases
10 Whole song dance break
11 Acts of being creative
12 Donate (time, money, things)
13 Tell corny jokes
14 Conversations with a stranger
15 Watch documentaries
16 Have a good belly laugh
17 Use French phrases
18 New songs listened the whole way through
19 Ask a random question
20 Little known science facts posted
21 Write a morning paragraph
22 Use a coupon
23 Complete a to-do list
24 Read a travel article
25 Organize something
26 Random fact about a famous or historical figure
27 Give a compliment
28 Mental awareness post
29 Tell Bobby a random positive thing
30 Thank you notes and emails
31 Do something outside of the comfort zone
32 Smile at a stranger
33 Learn a fact about another culture
34 Good News Post
35 Let it go
36 Write a chapter
37 Positive Quotes that havent been used a million times
38 Cheer something/someone on
39 Learn an unusual word
40 New WVa experiences
41 Read a little kids book
42 Draw something
43 Write a travel article
44 Post a geology/water/land/air fact
45 Animal picture
46 Shake a hand
47 Try a “Pintrest” post
48 Person picture

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