Travel: 2016-06-19 Celtic Fest aka Sketchy Circus-Pre-Party

“As you slide down the banisters of life may the splinters never point the wrong way.”

Old Irish Toast

2016-06-19 Celtic Fest aka Sketchy Circus – Pre-Party

On a very hot summer day Renau and I decided to take our circus on the road and head to the Celtic Fest located on the lot associated with Ohio Ren Fest.  It was actually on this day trip that we sorted out our initial plans for Sketchy Circus while giggling like two school kids.  Did I mention it was hot?  Ha!  I have never been to a Renaissance Festival, it is still on my list as I would not typify this event as such.  But the location of Celtic Fest is smack dab in the middle of a field that some genius set up as a jolly old English settlement complete with castles, dragons and sword makers.  Although some of the buildings were not occupied (as I am sure they are during the actual Ren Fest), there were a number with vendors of wares ranging from Ale to Headwear to Chainmail to Artwork.  It was fun strolling in and out of the buildings while hearing the sound of bagpipes float along on the ultra warm breeze.  There were kilts-galore and dames in their dresses.  It was fun to watch.  They had a sheep dog, herding the flock into a pen AND there were coos and sheep.  (I know, cows – but with a Scot accent it is coos, so Renau had to put up with me screaming to look at the coos…. the ones with shaggy bangs and in my imagination, their moos had an accent!!)


Along the way, we ran into St Patrick (Pádraig) drunkenly making his way along the village streets.  He stopped to speak to the children who were fascinated with his attire. I saw no snakes at this particular festival, he was doing his job well.


The only real fault I could find in this first ever Celtic Fest was that there was little to no shade.  I get that the temps were higher than normal but it would be nice if they could incorporate a few rough shelters into the mix for next year.

Main Stage:


Seven Nations: We watched Seven Nations perform on the main stage. Throughout their performance, local Irish dancers would flit to and fro on the stage. Pictured below, the blond dancer had a booth of wares from which I purchased a bourbon flavored condom. OK, I purchased four of them (attending an Outlander event in October and they will be fun to share among friends).  The music of Seven Nations was modern, upbeat and rocked out.  Their group formed in NYC in 1993.  Their name comes from the celtic seven nations (I thought there were six, wiki thought that too). They were great (especially in the heat).  I am LOVING Whiskey In The Jar – take a listen here:

Facebook: 7NationsFB

Twitter: 7NationsTwitter

Website: 7Nations

My Pics:


Father Son and Friends:  I decided to purchase one of their shirts in their tent.  The motto on the back included the words: Folk Yeah!  And of course I had to have it.  The man who sold it to me is in the picture below in the middle.  In line in front of me was an older man with a boy (seven-ish). I got the impression that it was a grandfather and his grandson and he was buying a starter kit which included a chanter.  I explained to “Father” that I once rode the LIRR with a bagpiper from the NYPD who had an electronic chanter that plugged into his iPhone and who played for his entire ride – it was mesmerizing. Their music was lighthearted and fun to listen to.  It made me want to board a plane to the old country from which the notes originated.  One day, my friends – one day.  Here is a fun sample of their music called The Scotsman:


Facebook: FatherSonFriendsFB

Website: FatherSonFriends

This pic is from the Fest’s Facebook Page:


Saxon Moon: We were only able to catch two songs of their final act on one of the side stages.  Makes me sad, I wish I could have heard more.  It was awesome music!  Hope they are back next year.

Facebook: SaxonMoon

Website: SaxonMoon

My Pics:


Red Hot Chilli Pipers: Who doesn’t like a good cover band?  Try adding bagpipes!!  This was the band I was looking forward to and they did not let me down!  Great music! Great covers! Fun entertainers!!  Find their music, listen to their music, LOVE their music.  I bought a tshirt while I was there: Music For The Kilted Generation.  LOVE!

There is this:

And this:

Oh yeah, and we cannot forget this:


Facebook: RedHotChilliPipersFB

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Website: RHCP

My Pics:


If you like bagpipes, bodhrán and accents (fake or otherwise) – I highly suggest you take in this festival.  Was fun and for a first year festival, they put on a great show.  RHCP will be back next year and we will be back to see them play.  The venue has rustic camping and maybe we will consider that (especially if we have the teardrop by then).

Have you been to a Ren Fest?  Tell me about your experience or tell me about a Fest we should consider attending!


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