Hashtag Hysteruggles

So today Daughter took me to The Walmart.  Just prior to leaving I came up with this genius idea that maybe SPANX would be just as good as the incision bindings that I have from the hospital.  AND I would be able to wear pants, not sleepers or baggy shorts, and have a shape that does not resemble a grain silo.

Spanx went on, they felt goooood. I could feel normal stepping out into public. Put on my regular “these have a button” pants and off we went, Daughter driving.

My short span memory forgot that these spanx roll down at the top and up at the legs.  The legs I could have endured. But the roll down was right above my incision. So a little over an hour later, when I arrived back home, I may have cut them off of me…

Note to self: to save yourself drama, try out the genius ideas at home prior to stepping out and making yourself miserable.





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