Writing Challenges

My surgery is on the 13th and I will have a five-seven week recovery.  While off, I want to challenge myself to write more.  I plan on picking three writing challenges (one lengthy, one the length of a paragraph and a final one the length of a sentence) and setting aside time starting in May where I write daily. Below are a few of the ones that have sparked interest. I may pull from multiple lists to create my own self-challenge.

30 Day Writing Challenge.png



Free Online Writing Workshops:











    1. Hi there! Sorry for the delay. I am about ten days post-op and have been struggling with the “want” to write but being held back because of recovery exhaustion. I do not have a group of people doing the challenge, it was pretty much a self-motivated thing. I took all of the challenges in the post and I created a spreadsheet using those for daily writing achievements. My operation involved hormones and I have been suffering from foggy brain. The motivations were a way to drive me to write during my recovery time off. I plan on starting May 1st. However, I am always up for a challenge. If you like, I can find a pre-planned writing challenge for May and we could use it as a platform to create and compare. Let me know if you are interested!

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