The Strain Trilogy #18-19 (Aug 14, 2014)

I just wrapped up The Night Eternal by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro. It is the third book in The Strain trilogy (the second being The Fall).  It is quite an interesting take on vampires, their origins and their eventual destruction.  I genuinely loved the series (though I think it could have been shortened to two books).  It was centered in NYC and throughout the telling of the story, I could envision the conflict, drama and run-ins, as I was familiar with the locations utilized by the authors.

Liked them a lot.  Loved the first book.  The second, so-so.  The third one finished strong (a little long in the wind but strong).  Although I like them tremendously, I do not feel the urge to write a full-length blog on them.  Hmph.  Maybe the books did not grip me like many before.

I would recommend the series as a good, easy read.  Strong characters you can related to.  Written to appeal to a wide demographic of wanna be apocalyptic heros.

Read them, tell me what you think.

As for the TV show, after attempting to watch it on three different occasions (and falling asleep every time), I think I will wait until it arrives on Netflix and binge watch it all at once (to get it over with quickly).  From the little bit I watched, as I rolled over on the couch, it smacked of the B-rate 70s horror flicks I used to love (but are not regarded as masterpieces).


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