TV: Where Does The Good Go…

Before I even put this blog to print, I would like to just thank Sandra Oh for bringing to life a character I have loved for ten years.  She was bold, blunt and amazing.  For that, for Christina Yang, I say thank you.

Now, on to my thoughts regarding her exit from the show…  Peace out Yang.


When I first read about the eminent exit of Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy, I was terribly saddened. After thinking about it, I realized it was time. It has been a few seasons since the show held me in its grasp for more than the occasional “oh, that was like the OLD Grey’s” episode. The show has started letting me down in recent seasons and the same held true for the season finale/exit show of Christina Yang.

Exits of former GA stars were mind-blowingly memorable and extraordinary. How could you forget that elevator door opening on George in his military uniform? I dare any GA fan to tell me they did not cry hysterically during that episode. Or sitting Shiva for Denny Duquette with Izzy as she lay on the bathroom floor? Or Meredith cutting Yang out of her wedding dress after Burke left her at the church? Or when Ellis meets Mer in the afterlife dream sequence and tells her “you’re anything but ordinary, Meredith.” and then told her to run! OMG tears for years! All of these exits (TK Knight, Jeffrey Morgan Dean, Isaiah Washington and Kate Burton) were huge and gut wrenching and left me sobbing in my chair (and continue to do so when I do the occasional re-watch of those episodes). They held value. For Christina Yang, who was my character for ten years, I shed a slight few tears that were more for reasons of nostalgia than by being moved by the storyline. Yeah, they brought Burke back for an episode. That was pretty awesome. But it was only one episode. For a woman as strong as Yang, they allowed her to appear (IMHO) wishy-washy at the end. I get there are a lot of loose ends that needed tied up. But…overall, I was like: meh. I can now return the unopened box of tissues that were not required.

Next season will, undoubtedly, herald the impending end of the show. It has to because, quite frankly, where else can it go? They are holding on as tight as they can with the upcoming Ellis/Chief having a daughter storyline. But, just like the end of the movie Titanic, sometimes you can’t help but to let go. I hope they decide to go out with a bang and just light up our screens with awesomeness. But, after watching this episode, I wonder if maybe their awesomeness is all used up?

On a positive note: they played one of my favorite Grey’s songs from Season One. Where Does The Good Go by Teagan and Sara is a constant on my iPod. For all of my misgivings about the shows decline, I can say one thing about this season: I have loved the song selection for every episode. Whoever decided to retool old 1980’s classics is a genius. But, then again, that is no surprise. I have been downloading music played on episodes since the beginning. This season will be no different in that regard.

Will I watch Grey’s next year? I am loyal to the end, so yes. I just hope they can rise to the occasion and bring back the old charm.

Let me know your thoughts.

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