Finally Dead (14 & 15)

Dead Ever After and After Dead

Dead Ever After is the book all the Stackhouse fans were waiting for. Who does Sookie end up with?  A twoey?  Will she be a fangbanger her whole life?  Questions questions questions.  I will not answer that one for you.  I can say that this book wraps up all of the bad guys so that when it ends, Sookie is able to have a Happily Ever After like The Little Cinder Girl and all the other princesses.

When I read the Hunger Game series, the third book left me disappointed.  It was as if the author just wanted to wrap up and be done with it.  It felt thrown together at best.  The ending was really anti-climatic.  Although Dead Ever After has a bit of action in it, I kind of felt as if it were anticlimactic as well.

I did, however, enjoy “After Dead”  (Was she playing on the term Afterlife there?  I wonder…).  If you are a Stackhouse fan, After Dead is worth the few extra dollars.  It wraps up all remaining (living) characters from small to the biggest.  It left me wondering if there would be another series that involves Barry Bellboy or Quinn.  I would like one about Quinn.

So yeah, if you are a fan read it and let me know what you think.


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