Book: The Hunger Games (books 10-12)

The first book was delicious, I devoured it quickly.  (Did you catch my play on “Hunger” there?  Clever, eh?)

Congratulations to Suzanne Collins, the author of this fine series of books.  She did a great job giving us the next “I have to see this when it comes out in the movies” set of books.  After Potter and Twilight, did we fear a dry season or what?  She did not disappoint.  She has another series (“Gregor” about a kid in NYC who falls through his laundry room into a subterranean world called  the Underland.  Complete with cockroaches and everything!  I am interested if they will become a success now that she has done so well with the Hunger Games trilogy.

I realize the downside to having seen the movie is that I have the “looks” of the characters already programmed in my head.  I find part of the fun with reading books that make it to the big screen is the comparison of how I see the physicality of the characters compared to the actors who portray them.  But, for the most part (other than Haymitch being played by Woody Harrelson) I was ok with how I envisioned the characters vs. casting of the movie.  To me, upon reading the books, I just cannot see Woody as Haymitch… I am interested in how Jena Malone will be playing Johanna.  However, she was a voice in Howl’s Moving Castle, so I give her cool points for that going in.

I did tear through the first book and enjoyed every bit of it.  I cried where I should have cried, felt outraged when I should have and overall loved it.  Books two (Catching Fire) and three (Mockingjay) – although I enjoyed them as well, both had somewhat slow beginnings.  Book three… I am on the post about whether I feel aggravated over the ending.  Although I was not a member of Team Peta or Team Gale, I truly did not have a favorite for her to choose until she chose and then I felt…meh, let down maybe? – I am not sure if I enjoyed how the love triangle played out.  I think, with the way it ended, that Gale turned out to be a huge douchebag.  IMHO of course.  I think that book three took so long to build to the climax that when it ended, it ended too quickly.  I don’t know exactly.  I am still trying to put my finger on what is bothering me about the finish.

Have you read it?  Did you enjoy the ending?  If so, let me know…

If you have not read the series – I DO recommend that you do.  It really is a good read (even if I did not COMPLETELY enjoy the ending).

Also, in looking up the next movies, I see that IMDB has Mockingjay listed as a Part 1.  So that means they will water down the story so they can draw it out and make the fans have to pay for one more movie when there really should only be three.  The Potter series – those were some huge books with lots of content, I understand the need for Pt 1 and 2, but it set precedence for others to feel it is ok to do that as well when maybe they should not…


Yes, this is the author (from her website very interesting shot in Central Park!!

Suzanne Collins


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