Characters Welcome…

There are a lot of goals that I hope to reach while tied to a parachute – free fall, BASE jump, wingsuit flight… I think of my future in skydiving and I get a little giddy.  But I am quickly learning that there is a lot of preparation that goes into these goals.  I read tons of articles, trying to gnaw through the skydiving handbook, watching video, and pouring through a ton of reference material.  The weekend of April 14th will see me start the more intense portion of my training and I am nervous about coming in for a landing and not ending up ass over teakettle – more so for the ribbing that I would receive than any bodily injury.

Tonight, as I sit here working on the WV Skydivers social media, there is another part of my skydive planning that is weighing on my mind…costumes.  Yeah, I said it – costumes.  (Chase will be so proud of me).  See, when you hit certain mile markers, it is so much more fun (and video-based entertaining) when you have a gimmick.  My good friend Chase was dressed in his graduation cap and gown when he made his 100th jump.  The ever adorable Rocky has an amazing photo jumping as Spiderman –



So I feel the need to do this thing up in style.  I had decided to buy a pair of Chucks that I really really REALLY want for my first free fall.  They are Wonder Woman Chucks.

But then I thought, why stop there – maybe I should do my first free fall in full costume.  And I am wondering, does Wonder Woman truly embody my super hero ego?  Or is it another strong female character in graphic novel history?



Ok Linda, chill out.  I have to consider my options.  I do think that if I go with Wonder Woman I might go with Kimmy Poo’s idea of black stockings:



Other contenders in my quest for superhero-dom are:


Catwoman (Newmar Style)

Silk Spectre

Female Flash

Also under consideration are Princess Leia, Fathom (of the Elementals), Dagger (of Cloak and Dagger) and maybe a dash of grape:



I have some time to make a choice, to put together some ideas, to buy some materials for a test drive.  My ponderance of the night is this – which amazing character do YOU see me jumping as?

I am open to suggestions.





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