Look out 2012 – here I come!

I find it fascinating how in just four weeks I could turn my attitude completely around.  Am I still a pessimistic curmudgeon?  Um – yeah.  But I am a pessimistic curmudgeon with a hint of possibility.

A little over a month ago I was in a bad spot.  I was in a funk.  It seemed like there was no light at the end of my tunnel.  I was waiting for someone to reach out to me from the other side of the fog and to save me.  What I have realized in the weeks since is this – I only have one person in this life I can truly depend on – ME.  If I live my life waiting for someone else to rise to the task, I could be waiting a long time and missing out on some pretty spectacular adventures in the interim.

2011 was filled with twists and turns, straight stretches and potholes, delights and devastations.  Looking back with positive eyes – in 2011 I accomplished the following (in no particular order):  I hiked a number of amazing trails with my friends and took great pictures along the way; went skydiving (let me say it again, skydiving); saw Dropkick Murphys, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Tim McGraw in concert (not at the same time) while also enjoying the occasional Wild Rumpus; tried lake kayaking for the first time and captained a mouseboat;  went on frollicks to Myrtle, Pittsburgh, DC, Boston, New York City (to name a few); became the somewhat-proud owner of a feline; hit a couple of rivers (and was dumped in one by my lil brudder); went to a handful of midnight showings with amazing people; had my ass roasted by people who remain important in my life; zip lined every chance I got; and all around lived as much as I could but never trying to really reach beyond my own boundaries.

In November I realized that there was a number of changes that needed to occur in my life for me to start feeling more like me.  So, I made the conscious decision to make those changes, to make those cuts and to start – well, simply put, to start feeling like myself again.  A “myself” I have not been privy to for a handful of years. Once I made that decision to move in a positive direction with conviction – I was able to make the following plans:

Jan – Trekking it to Colorado… Rascal Flats and Sara Evans in concert

Feb – Mel (& maybe Erin) in for a lil ski action… Flogging Molly in Myrtle Beach (I love you Creature! Best cuz ever!)

Apr& May – two half marathons (Gristmill Grinder and the Flying Pig) – have already started training and am happy with the results thus far.

2012 Season – climbing, sup’ing, kayaking (and of course more rafting and zipping) – along with some Rumpus’ing.  I hope to buy a lake kayak and explore the nooks and crannies of Plum Orchard Lake.  I have a few dozen trails I plan on mapping and blogging about.

I am writing again and I have a number of stories I am putting together and looking forward to sharing them all.

It is only the weeks coming up to 2012 and all of these plans have fallen into place.  I cannot wait to see the year as it unfolds.  Oh 2012 I am so excited for what you have in store for me.  The new friends, the new special friend, the old friends who are more accessible… the places and things I will experience… I swoon.

Look out 2012 – here I come!



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