Exit The King

Oh my, that was a great show…. and my those are two sexy people.

broadway.com: Exit the King

Written in 1962, Exit the King follows the slow death of 400-year-old King Berenger the First, whose reign has outlasted both its welcome and its allotted time.

The play is (as the snippet above notes) about a very old king who is refusing death.  He fights it.  He wallows on the ground against it.  He dances in its face.  He makes fun of it.  Sounds like a lot of action, right?  Well, it was.  Geoffrey Rush plays King Berenger in this production of Exit the King.  And WOW was he energetic.  High energy from beginning to end.  It was exhaustive and amazing to watch.  Well done Mr. Rush, well done.  The man must have downed a six pack of Red Bull to sustain that level of craziness.  His makeup was wild:

His first Queen, Queen Marguerite, was played by Susan Sarandon.  No more regal a Queen could have been found.  Ms. Sarandon was eloquent in the delivery of her lines.  I am a fan of Sarandon from years ago (starting around the mid 1980s, damnit Janet!).  She looked wonderful on stage as well.  Although she has passed sixty, you would not be able to tell.  I was forever giggling at her squatting when sitting down.  I am wondering where that came from.

The supporting characters were wonderfully cast as well.

A must see, really it is.  I must thank my dear friend Big Sexy for the tickets, such the treat he is as well.

As it was the last night of reviews there were a few celebrities in the audience – John C Riley and Helen Hunt.  Both added an extra level of YAY to the night!

If you can, see it, let me know what you think.


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