DB’ery The Musical…

Well, ok, there is no musical… I am trying to make light of the ongoing struggle I have with the life leeches who (now) used to live upstairs.

You guys have read about my ongoing battle with Broadzilla and Magda (there was the time they ruined my daughter’s graduation BBQ (or) there was the time when they parked so close to my car and refused to move which forced me to call the cops (or) there was the time they ripped my doorbell out of the wall)…

The new installment – last weekend there was a moving van out front and they were packing their stuff in it.  Oh the joy, oh the jubilation.  There was much to do with the happy dance and all.  The landlady came and sat in the driveway for an hour and intercepted (remind you, they have not paid rent since September because they are the top of the gene pool in regards to douche baggery).  Broadzilla told the landlady that only she had moved out, her mother remained and as such she would have to discuss any issues she has with her… My balloon deflated.  My happiness flew out the window.  Sigh.

That people can be so corrupt within themselves that they do not pay a widow rent on an apartment for seven months…it gives me more than just pause (and a slight case of agida).

So Saturday morning my daughter calls me all happy – the upstairs has moved all of the rest of their crap out.  They have been up and down the driveway.  They have taken their lawn table (which they would sit right outside of my window and I would bust Magda watching be get ready for work at 6 in the morning in the summer).  Yay!  They are moved.  Amanda was heading out of the house to rendesvous with me in the city for an afternoon of fun and pictures.

I dropped Amanda to her friends in Queens on my way home.  I made it home, unpacked my laptop, plugged it in, did a few things and then tried to log onto my gmail account.  No success.  I turned on the TV, no cable.  I picked up the house phone to call Verizon, no service.  That was when the domino effect led me to the following…



Yep, that is correct, they have sliced every wire that is seen along the side of my home.  I now have no phone, no internet and no cable.  Which means that I cannot work remotely on my bookkeeping (requires internet), I have limited communication to the outside world…. Sigh.

Verizon cannot come out until tomorrow and at best they have given me the timeslot of  “sometime during the day”.  So that means I have to burn a PTO to get this fixed as Amanda is in school.  There is also the issue of whether the wires were cut on the side that goes from the box to the house or from the outside to the box – because one side Verizon is responsible for and the other I am responsible for.

The cops would not come out to take a report for me to give to Verizon because I am not the owner of the house, I just rent.  It does not matter that the equipment that was damaged is mine, not the owner of the house.  It aggravates me – you are a public servant.  You know what, stop by and make me feel like at least SOMETHING is being done about the vandalism.

Then there was the snowstorm today…could not look up my adjusted train schedule (again no internet) so I waited for 35 minutes at my stop for the frigging train.

I can feel my blood pressure in my throat…

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