Evidence of the existence of broadzilla…

Ok, the picture in the top left is how I found our cars parked this morning.  She parked on the correct side in a correct manner.  I am on the right (in the sweet spot).  Amazing, as she told the cop, “As you can see I do not have a compact car and there is no way I can park next to her like she is parked now.”  However, today I am parked identically to how I was parked yesterday.  Yet, as you can see, there was enough room for broadzilla and any passenger to exit with little or no effort.

The two other pictures on that row and all of the middle row illustrate how f’ing close she parked to me and why intervention was required.  As you can see, there was no way possible for me to get in the driver’s side door.  For her to park this close, she ended up breaking the paving stone sidewalk and she tore up the lawn…spiteful.

The last picture in the series shows what a nasty shit she is.  This is where she parked today.  So, by parking here, any guests I may have will have to park on the street…

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