A History of No History

I grew up in the small town of Oak Hill, West Virginia.   I will eventually blog about life in a “holler”.  However, for this blog I am touching upon the education I received while there.  In particular, my high school education.

I attended Oak Hill High School.  As I sit here, in my mind I go over the list of teachers that instructed me.  The good.  The bad.  And the…well anyway.  I had a recent conversation with my good friend over at zwaaa.  John and I graduated from OHHS in 1986.  Sigh, yes, we are THAT old (at least I am that old).  Anywho – it was during this conversation that we were discussing my watching “Charlie Wilson’s War” (critic’s blog to follow).  It was then that I once again pondered the fact that I made it all the way through high school without a single “real” history class.  My history (electives) consisted of: World Cultures with Ms. Meyers, Current Events with Mr. Hizer, Economics and Psychology with Mr. Morris.  Not a single class regarding wars, political events that shaped our government, or tracings of guns, germs or steel.

It is when I watch movies like Charlie Wilson’s War (which should have been caught in my Current Events class WHILE in high school…) that I realize that I am historically ignorant on many levels.  So, while heading into 2009 I know that one of my resolutions will be to learn some history….

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