Movie: We all have chains that bind…

…some of us just wear them around their waist…

IMDB:  “A God-fearing bluesman (Jackson) takes to a wild young woman (Ricci) who, as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, looks everywhere for love, never quite finding it.

Ok, I just finished watching it and I am torn.  It has been out for forever, it has been played all to hell on cable.  So, I thought, what the heck.

Finishing the movie entirely was a feat for me.  I kept wondering to myself – as many times as that child has been tossed around in the dirt, raped, beat – and her panties are STILL white?  How does that happen?  She should market that!!

“God put you in my path and I aim to cure you of your wicked ways.”

Samuel L Jackson and Christina Ricci put on a good performance.  I felt that they had chemistry.  But exactly what kind?  He refused to “have” her yet he bathed her while she was naked (which I guess is the only way to bathe, but still).  He played the wicked guitar with her on his leg while lightening struck all around.  Did I mention that Justin Timberlake played the part of a boy who was afraid of loud sounds yet tried to join the military?  To type it out loud just does not do it all justice.

And there has to be a shout out given to Michael Raymond-James watching him I could not help but remember Sookie putting a shovel to the base of his skull (which reminds me that I have to pick  up the third Dead Until novel).

Is this blog confusing you?  Well, the movie confused me.  But I can say this – I LOVED the music.  Thinking about ripping the soundtrack.  Great Blues, great Blues.

Try it out, let me know what you think.



  1. Yes, I live in a state that flies that confederate flag at the state house still. Hate seeing it on the redneck girl with the… well, whatever. Thank God I didn’t have to watch it.

  2. As far as the religious stuff goes,every Christian struggles between being good and being bad and characters like the preacher and Lazarus exemplify that struggle. Both are obviously rough around the edges but both in their own ways are trying to do good or do the work of the Lord. In the process,they do some sinful stuff but they both also do a lot of good. I would say that on the balance both men probably do more good than harm but neither is a saint. Not so bad since saints can be pretty much impossible for anyone but other saints to get along with and can have a hard time reaching sinners because they are perceived as just being too good and unlike the rest of us. Take care.

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