2008-10-23 Ponderances

This morning, on my way into work, I sat on the train facing west as it headed into Manhattan. Because of where I was seated the sun shone brightly on my face. I had left my DVD player at home, opting to give my ears a rest from the earbuds I use incessantly and to allow the readers here to catch a breath from my marathon movie watching.

The sun felt good. I suffer from winter blues and try to find ways to combat them. Facing the sun on the train is one of my favorites. Because I took a later train this morning, it was quieter than usual. That is ALWAYS a plus for me. I can relax without having to tune out those around me with music or movies. Another thing I do is hide suntan lotion in my desk drawer. On occasion, when the day is bad or there is overcast or I want to fling Chinese stars at people, I will pull out the lotion and put a little dab in the center of my palm. I rub my hands together, the aroma encircles me and I think about the beach. I know…crazy, but it works a little. However, coworkers occasionally ask why my office smells like a coconut.

By the time I was on the train I already had an issue in my lap, I am HR after all, of course I have issues (tissues for your issues?). But this one caught me when I read my emails at 5AM this morning. I dreaded going into work so I concentrated on the sun on my face (all the while texting my two closest friends). These two people are ones who keep my light shining brightly in tough times. I am so thankful for them and hope that I let them know that enough.

As the train approached the tunnel that leads into the heart of the city I glanced to my left and admired the urban art at 5ptz Museum, one of the few places in NYC where tag art is ok. Graffiti artists from all around put their art on this building…on the walls, on the stairs, on the roof and even on the van outside of the place. I have read so much about this place and it is on my ticker list of things I need to do for the month of November.

I had a similar list for September and failed miserably at keeping to it. So November is my season of change and I intend on making myself do things that will take me out of a world that is the epitome of winter blues and put myself back into another world where I enjoy what surrounds me.

As a side note, I once played hookie from work. I sat in Central Park on a rock that was in direct sunlight. A guy with a backpack borrowed the edge of my rock to balance his backpack while he removed his camera. Through a short conversation I learned that he was on a 9 hour layover from Alaska to Africa. He had never been on the East Coast and took the opportunity to hop a cab into the heart of the city for a couple of hours to see what the fuss was about. He was mystified, saying that until that moment he could never understand why people would want to live/travel in NYC. He walked away and I never caught his name. I hope Africa is kind to him and that he enjoys his travels.

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