Movie: Quid Pro Quo

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A wheelchair bound radio journalist, Issac (Nick Stahl), receives a lead into a secretive group whose undiagnosed condition leaves them malcontent with their functioning bodies and wanting to be disabled. One such wannabe, Fiona (Vera Farmiga), agrees to assist Issac with his story only to study him and his paralysis with equal intensity. Their relationship bolsters her determination to be like him, even through extreme measures. Conversely, a pair of wing tip shoes miraculously heals Issac, temporarily inverting their roles of abled/disabled. But as their shared past is revealed, they come to terms with their capable bodies and damaged psychologies.

So, I have forty minutes on the LIRR every morning and every evening and sometimes a wait at Penn Station. Last year my kids got me a portable DVD player to help me pass the time on the train. Recently I started to actually use my Netflix. After going through a number of movies that are mainstream, I have resorted to ordering movies I have “always wanted to see but for some reason haven’t” as well as started choosing movies that made me say “holy crap that sounds interesting”. This movie fell into the second of those two categories.

It was dark and twisted and I enjoyed it. The acting was good. The storyline so unique that Hollywood must have hated it. It is not the happy go lucky blockbuster that they always salivate after. It was intelligent and thought provoking.

Though my opinion is only my own, I would say – definitely pick this one up. I know that it will not be a movie that everyone enjoys (for lack of a better word) but I will keep on suggesting it to people who want something aside from the Hollywood norm.

Let me know if you have seen it and please let me know your thoughts.

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