Twilight Series, Stephenie Meyer

In a one week period I read the entire Twilight series. This was not an easy feat. See I do have a regular job and I do have jobs on the side. Fortunately (for my reading) I have no real life outside of being a workaholic with a lengthy commute.

I had heard snippets on the radio and TV regarding this new book from the Twilight series and how great it was. However, I never could catch what the storyline was. On my commute home one afternoon I happened into one of my favorite places in the whole wide world – Penn Books There I was picking up a Hunter S. Thompson book I had hoped to read. At the counter there are a number of books that are displayed for those of us who impulse buy literature. The Twilight series was on a shelf just under the counter. I picked up the first book of the series, flipped it over in my hands and admired the cover art. I think that many authors should realize that cover art can draw in a reader even before they know the name of the book or the storyline. I have many times bought a book (albeit some were horrendous reads) all on the draw of the cover art. I asked the man at the counter his thoughts on the book. He had not read it but said that he was having a hard time keeping it in stock as it is a very popular series. I threw the book on the counter on top of Mr. Thomspon’s and the rest is history.

Six days later I read some 2300 pages between the four books. I had marathon reads unlike any I have experienced before. I read on my lunch break. I am not sure what it was about this series that captured me, but it did. It is a tale about a young human girl who befriends vampires and werewolves alike, all the while clumsily avoiding her demise. (Spoiler alert) – the series takes you through her realization of vampires, her growing love for one of the vampires, her befriending a werewolf (and mortal enemy of the vampires) and her eventual evolution from the world of humans to that which is her destiny.

This book is touted as a children’s series. Although violence and gore are at every turn, there is no sex. There is innuendo, but no actual description of sex. So, although touted as children’s literature, I would rank it as young adult. There are graphic scenes of violence, some adult content and such. There is no foul language and though the author is very descriptive in describing the longing of this young woman for her young vampire suitor, there is no real description of her sexual encounters. From an adult’s perspective (using the word adult lightly) – I wanted the sex. It was the only thing that lacked for me in the entire series because it truly intertwined with who Bella (said young woman) was as a character.

The last novel in the series, Breaking Dawn, seemed to get a bit of the sour praise from critics and readers alike. True fans loved it through and through though. In my opinion, the third novel, Eclipse, was my least favorite. Though not terrible, by my standards, to me it drug on just a little.

However, I did enjoy the entire series and would highly recommend it to others. I can actually see an opening that, if ever Stephenie Meyer chose to take up pen to this storyline again, would allow the continuance of this story at a later time. If that becomes a reality, I will undoubtedly read through the next four installments of the Cullen/Black family saga.

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