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Travel: Land of Oz – Beech Mountain, NC

There are times I amaze myself with the random odd findings of adventure. If I am traveling somewhere, I will pull up every site I can regarding that place and do my research.  I particularly love Roadside America stops.  I once made Mander ride with me to see a 20 foot duck on the side of the road in Flanders, NY.  For no other reason than to see a 20 foot duck.     That ability to find the random place to []

2013: Ghosts

I wanted to post this here just to remember my feelings.  They are not the feelings of butterflies and rainbows.  They are the darker feelings, the ones that ripped me apart on a daily basis while others were content to meddle from a distance and disrupt.  To those people I issue only this: fuck you. I had written this right after Dad had surgery, while he was in Huntington Rehab and just before he was moved to Overbrook.  He would eventually recover []