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Eight is a little number, in all reality.   You can count it and not even use all of the fingers you []

The Terrible Most Horrible Anniversary

Eight years ago Ma was in the hospital.  I hugged her neck and told her I loved her.  Had I known that that would be the last time I would ever be able to talk to her,  I would have stayed longer and hugged harder.  Holidays are especially hard and I busy myself as much as possible to keep from remembering that she is no longer here, that Dad is no longer here.  I hate this day.  I hate Jan 13th.  I []

Finding Jesus, A Christmas Adventure

That is the card I sent with a box full of “more than one Jesus” to my amazing friend Pam.  It pretty much sums up this adventure.  First lesson of this adventure: What is the plural of Jesus.  I know, I know, there was only “ONE” Jesus but for the purpose of ornamental Jesus – is it Jesi, Jesuses, Jessusses….?  For the purpose of this blog we will say “more than one Baby Jesus”.  For reference, I thought Jesi but a little []

Morning #Journal Paragraph

I miss my Pawpaw.  All of this research on my family’s ancestry and reading about where his parents came from has brought him to the forefront of my brain.  I cite him as a large factor in who I am today.  He was a very “take no shit off people who have nothing better to do than fling shit your way” kinda guy.  I wish I could have had him in my life beyond my High School years.  I am sure he []

Morning Paragraph 2017-09-12

There was a point in my life that I was sporadic and crazy and down for whatever at the spur of a moment.  The above picture is proof of that.  Coney Island, NY.  It was the day they were closing a lot of the area down to allow for another homogenized high rise to go in.  My daughter and I found ourselves there to document the event, to take picture-memories and to have fun.  She egged me to jump crazily from a []