Music: Throwback Blog 2009-01-13 Tito Puente LIVE at LIRR

As a note: I am trying to make sure all of my blogs are in one place. There are some “notes” on Facebook that I will be moving here, for safekeeping.  I will consider these throwbacks worth remembering.  Today’s blog is a commuter blog (they used to be my favorites).

Tito Puente LIVE at LIRR

Ok, maybe not. But I did my best. LOL

As you know, one of my commute modes is “Music Mode”. That would be the mode for yesterday. I was in a good mood. I was making my way to the station. I had my ear buds in. I was jamming. As I made my way down 34th I listened to (don’t laugh):

Back to the Hotel by N2Deep

Big Girl by Meeko

Big Poppa by Notorious B.I.G.

Bittersweet Poetry by Kanye

Boom Shake the Room by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince

I had gotten into a groove, my train was called, I made my way to the assigned track. Then it came on…

Cayuco by Tito Puente (YouTube of the Tito Puente Orchestra performing the song HERE– this is the orchestra version and not the one I have on my MP3. The one on my MP3 is actually twelve minutes long. Though this one is great as well.)

This is one of my all time favorite songs. I could (and do) listen to it over and over again. When I listen to it I believe I am the best Latin dancer Ballroom has ever seen. I see myself as Vanessa Williams in Dance With Me. YES!

So, as I stand on the platform and the train is pulling in, I do my little “inside” dance which kind of leaks outside. I stand with my left foot completely planted and start to sway ever so slightly (as to not draw attention). My right foot is steady at the heel but my toe does a little dance. Sometimes my hips sway.

Yesterday, I was in a particularly good mood when the song came on and my hips were swaying a little. My sights are usually set to something in the distance. I do not pay heed to those around me who might find me comical in my little head bob hip sway scenario. I happened to make eye contact with a man who somewhat looked like Dr. Phil and who was holding a budweiser. I smiled, he smiled (amusingly so) and we made our way onto the train. As it so happened, he ended up sitting at the end of my row.

As I said before, I like to repeat listen to this song, and yesterday was no different. By the second playing the train had pulled out of the station and was in the tunnel. My eyes were closed. My feet were partially tapping out my own version of a Latin number. The MP3 was in my hand and swaying ever so slightly to the beat of the music. The head was in a measured beat bob. I was in Birdland at that moment. I had a sexy little outfit on. I was dancing with Chayanne. I was happy. I MIGHT have even been mouthing the words. That’s when it happened.

NORMALLY the conductors start checking tickets AFTER the tunnel. NORMALLY I have my purse situated a certain was so my ticket is showing and I do not have to take it out of my purse or present it in any other manner. However, the music had moved me and the conductor was early. The man next to me tapped me on the shoulder. It seems that the conductor had been standing there for some time trying to get my attention. I, on the otherhand was at Birdland.

Much to the amusement of our entire section of the train, I had been dancing while the conductor kept saying “Ma’am may I see your ticket.”

I say to those on the train – a repeat performance will undoubtedly occur this evening. The song of choice will probably be Magalenha by Sergio Mendes. I will be selling tickets at the track…

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